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Solent Marine Consultants is the world's leading marine consultants, surveyors, and inspection providers. We work diligently alongside our partners globally to tackle the most pressing regulatory, technical, and operational challenges to streamline processes for the maritime industry. We offer Marine ship design, engineering services, Ship Management, and consultancy solutions to the marine and offshore industry. SMC is an independent marine surveying

Solent Marine Consultants are frequently requiring the owner to notify any claim with supporting documents within a relatively short period of time. Charter Party Claims only covers claims arising during loading, sea voyage and discharge.These operations are concerned with evaluating intended voyages to maximize earning so as to pay for the cost of ship, cost of its operational and to

Cargo damage SURVEYS Container/refrigerated container dry & Bulk is one such great loss that may sour the relationships between a customer and their exporter if resulted due to mishandling and incorrect stowage of cargo at the loading port. It generally occurs when inexperienced staff handles the load out of the cargo and stuffing. Here, Solent Marine Consultants as independent ship &

Draft survey we measures the initial weight (displacement) of the ship and it measures the final weight (displacement) of the ship after loading. The main responsibility of a marine surveyor is conducting thorough and extensive surveys of a ship. Prior to delivery, a complete analysis of the entire vessel must be carried out, as this determines the initial seaworthiness of