Solent Marine Consultants is a leading consultancy that they provide on/off hire Bunker and condition survey is an inspection of vessel's holds, main deck, cargo working areas and external shell plating. It is performed in order to identify any damage present prior to the vessel going on/off hire. In a ship condition survey, the safety equipment, main engine and others as

Solent Marine Consultants is a leading marine surveyors and consultancy firm that provide fully insured marine surveying services to all ship and boat types of all sizes in India |UK| Canada. We offering various services such as: Ship safety auditors and safety inspectors UK/Southampton, Charter On/off hire Bunker and condition surveyors, Draft surveyors in UK/Southampton, Pre purchase inspection, Pre purchase inspection,

Solent Marine Consultants is a Vessel Tank Inspection and chemical expert with over 12+ years' collective tank cleaning experience and Certification in India | UK | Canada. Our superintendent inspects the vessel at a load or discharging port. In the case of a tanker, we ask for a discharging port where pumps, boilers, winches, tank valves, cargo lines, inert gas are

Solent Marine Consultants is an international marine surveying institute in India | UK| Canada.  We are encouraging the professionalism, recognition and training of marine surveyors in worldwide. The Solent Marine Consultants offers a range of services to its members, allied organisations and to the shipping and boating world, including: Maintaining a comprehensive database of qualified marine surveyors Safety Audit and Inspections

Solent Marine Consultants perform these audits on behalf of the ship managers and/or operators to verify the practical effectiveness of ISM implementation on-board ships. We also carry out various other independent verifications of vessel compliance with Marine Order and Navigation Audits. We are support and provide 24 -hour service to the ship's owners and managers anytime and anywhere in the

Solent Marine Consultants is an independent, professional marine consultancy firm, who offers professionally competent, and highly technical draft marine surveys, inspections, and consultancy services in India | UK | Canada. We provide a wealth of extra technical expertise, including financial modelling, forensic investigation, simulation, and modelling services. Contact us:  +44 7885 243 123 Gmail: [email protected]  

Solent Marine Consultants is the world's leading marine consultants, surveyors, and inspection providers. We work diligently alongside our partners globally to tackle the most pressing regulatory, technical, and operational challenges to streamline processes for the maritime industry. We offer Marine ship design, engineering services, Ship Management, and consultancy solutions to the marine and offshore industry. SMC is an independent marine surveying

Solent Marine Consultants offers Pre-Purchase Inspections in the United Kingdom that provide clients with inspection reports prior to buying a used vehicle, we provide factual, honest and professional reports to guide your decision making. When purchasing a new boat, the engine will often be the largest on-going expense, so its condition should be thoroughly checked to inform you of any

Solent Marine Consultants, expertise in carrying out various safety audits IN UK/Southampton according to the latest industry standards. Our familiarisation to these industry standards enables us to provide unmatched services to ship owners. At several occasions, we have provided our safety audit services on behalf of flag state authorities. The SMS must ensure the safe operation of ship, occupational safety,

Solent Marine Consultants are frequently requiring the owner to notify any claim with supporting documents within a relatively short period of time. Charter Party Claims only covers claims arising during loading, sea voyage and discharge.These operations are concerned with evaluating intended voyages to maximize earning so as to pay for the cost of ship, cost of its operational and to